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Joyson Safety Systems Named Automotive News PACE Award Finalist for Pyrotechnic Battery Disconnect™ Technology
  • Pyrotechnic Battery Disconnect™ technology increases safety through addressing electrification safety concerns with high voltage systems

  • Implementation will result in decreased safety risk due to high voltage

(2022.04.25) Ningbo, China/ Auburn Hills, MI USA Joyson Safety Systems (JSS), a leading global supplier of mobility safety components and systems, has been named as a 2022 Automotive News PACE Award finalist for its Pyrotechnic Battery Disconnect™ (PBD) technology which increases driver safety in current and future electric and hybrid vehicles by addressing the additional safety risks brought about by the usage of high voltage and amperage systems.

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“Our mission of safety is always at the forefront of everything we do,” said Raad Konja, Chief Technology Officer, Joyson Safety Systems. “The JSS Pyrotechnic Battery Disconnect will help mitigate the increased risks of electrocution resulting from electric vehicles crashes and being named as a PACE Award finalist makes this life-saving work that much more rewarding.”

The PBD is an active, low cost, small, lightweight battery interruption device triggered by the electronic control unit to irreversibly disconnect the high voltage, high current flow from surrounding electric vehicle systems. Using a unique proprietary solution, the device safely manages the resulting plasma arc generated from severing voltages in excess of 460V and 12kA, in under one millisecond, and is small enough to be packaged either within the battery management system or external to it.

The PBD is located within a vehicle’s battery management system (BMS) and actively severs the high voltage electrical connection between a vehicle’s battery and its traction motor.

Implementing PBD technology will result in far safer electric vehicles by providing OEMs and Battery Management Suppliers the ability to actively sever battery power. This can be triggered in the event of a vehicle crash eliminating the risk of electrocution to 1st responders and occupants and reducing potentially expensive repair costs to secondary vehicle systems. This can also be triggered in the event of an overcharging scenario protecting batteries and owners,

The PACE Awards, which set the standard for industry excellence and innovation by recognizing game-changing technologies, will be presented on Sept. 19, 2022.


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